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It's day whatever of the UK's on-going Snowpocalypse and the news networks and newspapers are so desperate for something interesting to report apart from "You see that snow outside? It'll be there for a while yet and have you noticed how cold it is?" that they're reduced to reporting on deaths caused by the Snowpocalypse.

Now, some of these deaths are genuinely tragic. Some however, are merely evidence of Darwinism in action. Take the people who decide to go out on iced up ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs etc. When I was a kid, it was always drummed into me that unless the authorities said it was safe to go out on the ice, DO NOT GO OUT ON THE ICE.

Really, it's remarkably simple.

I was coming back from the train station yesterday and two ... well, let's just call them wankers for simplicity - were in a car going up and down a severely iced up road and deliberately spinning out of control for kicks and giggles. One of these wankers spun past me giving me a thumb's up sign as though he'd just completed the greatest achievement since Michaelangelo finished the Sistine Chapel.

Needless to say that far from giving him the applause he sought, I directed a hand gesture more fitting to his status as a wanker.

Apart from that, yesterday was v. good.

I went up to London for a trial workshop entitled 'Getting Ideas' that was being run by G. and S. from the T-Party and I found it really useful. In fact, one of the exercises they ran has helped me to start shaping a plot for a scene that I've had in my head for almost 3 years but never been able to come up with a story for. And it's all thanks to a vibrating plushie Eeyore ...


Afterwards I met up with a mate of mine and went for dinner at Pizza Express in Islington, where I had a bit of a disagreement with the manager about the quality of service (i.e. I thought that there should be some service and there wasn't). Fortunately, it was all resolved in my favour but there was a moment where I had to be particularly forcible in terms of reminding the manager what my rights are.

Surprisingly, it wasn't as hard to get into and out of London as I'd thought it would be, even though there was a short period while I was in London when it was snowing horizontally. Because there's more snow forecast for today and I've got a meeting tomorrow that I have to attend, I've booked myself back into the Travelodge and will head into London this evening.

For this reason (and also because uC has been prodding me to do it), I've finally got around to updating the iTouch that she v. kindly gave me for Christmas and have put a few applications onto it. I can now understand why it's so easy to succumb to Apple's siren call.