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Another Christmas is done and dusted

On the whole, Christmas was pretty decent this year and came with the requisite vegging in front of the TV, eating chocolates and thinking about all the leftovers from the turkey.

Everyone seemed to like their pressies and I got a couple of books that I've been after for a while now, plus a new cross-stitch so that's all good.

No spoilers for the Dr Who (Part I), but the only things that impressed me were June Whitfield (deserves a DBE for being a national treasure), Bernard Cribbins (deserves a KBE for being a national treasure and narrating The Wombles), and John Simm (who really appreciates a good beef burger).

Speaking of Dr Who, I won't mind not seeing David Tennant on TV for at least a year. He's been on everything this Christmas - almost every channel has had him on in something and he's even been on the radio.

The shoulder is back to 75% normalcy, with ocassional twinges so I'm having to keep it moving all the time. It was good enough for me to resume editing on Saturday and I've done another 4 chapters, taking out another 1500 words, which isn't bad going. I'm hoping to be up to the final 3 chapters (these being the ones that require a re-write) by next weekend.

m_stiefvater did a post a couple of weeks ago about New Year's Resolutions, and I've been giving the matter some considerable thought with the result that I've produced the following writing objectives for 2010:

1. Finish the edit of KYBS by the end of January.

2. Depending on what happens with the sale (or not) of KYBS, have at least 50,000 words in place for either the sequel (WTSL) or the new historical zombie novel that you want to write.

3. Write that ghost story that's been buzzing around my head since 2006.

4. Do an Arvon writing course.

Those probably don't seem like particularly ambitious resolutions, but I think they're challenging given that I've only got my weekends for writing and also achievable.

I've got some other resolutions for 2010 but they're more boring (lose weight, show more self-discipline etc).

Right. More editing.


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Dec. 29th, 2009 07:52 pm (UTC)
I believe that Xmas 2009 will forever be remembered as the year of the cry "David Tennent again?"

Final edit by end of January sounds a fabulous goal. Of course making it a New Year's resolution is seriously tempting fate. You are a brave soul.
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