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I finally have home internet access after 3 weeks of almost Kafka-esque wrangling with British Telecom, including exchanges such as this:

British Telecom: "I'm afraid that we can't bring forward your broadband activation. The System won't let us."

Me: "But why not? I ordered a combined package on 15th April with a delivery date for 10 days later. You then unilaterally put the delivery back to 6th May with no explanation or apology. There's no reason for a later delivery because it's an established line in an established property so no engineer needs to come out and you've already set up the telephone line so it works and brought the date forward to do so."

British Telecom: "I appreciate that, but the System won't let us bring the broadband activation forward."

Me: "But why not?"

British Telecom: "Because 6th May is the earliest we can deliver your wireless hub."

Me: "You already delivered it. It's arrived. I got it last week. After I called to bring the delivery date forward. And you agreed to bring the delivery date forward."

British Telecom: :frantic tapping of keyboard: "Oh yes. But the System won't let us bring the broadband activation forward. I realise that this must be confusing for you."

Me: "Confusing? No, confusing is when I have an explanation that I don't understand. What I'm getting at the moment is your version of "the computer says no" and you've given me no reason for it. Your System can apparently bring forrward line connection and hub delivery but it won't let you bring forward the activation and there's no logical reason why."

British Telecom: "The System just won't let us."

And so forth.

So yeah, really, really frustrating. And unfortunately it's still not over. I'm now tryng to claim an Amazon voucher from them, which was supposed to come with the package but which you had to claim on-line within 14 days of ordering your broadband package. This is great, but I've had to wait 21 days for my broadband to be activated.


Still, no access to the internet has helped with the writing. I finished another chapter and am making progress on a scene that's been causing me issues for months, so that's all good.

Anyway, it's been a mad 3 weeks with deaths and marriages and elections. To summarise my opinion:

- Bin Laden:

Should have been brought in alive and it's worrying that there doesn't seem to have been a good reason not to have done so.

- Royal Wedding

Hope it all goes well, was glad of the extra day off, otherwise I don't care.

- Election

I voted yes to AV and it was hideously rejected. Am disgusted with the behaviour of the Tories during the campaign - there were outright lies and scaremongering and there was no intelligent debate at all.

Having been a Lib Dem voter for the last few elections, I think they deserved to get their arses handed to them. They've compromised on key election manifesto pledges at the behest of the Tories, whereas the Tories don't seem to have compromised on anything for the Lib Dems - in fact, the only points they're reconsidering are the ones where the unions have made clear they won't take it.

I also think that Clegg's position is untenable and he should go. He won't. He's got a taste for power. But he should.

I went to the Federation of Children's Book Group's annual conference last month and picked up loads of ARCs, some of which I will be doing give-aways for. As a taster, I got copies of the new Meg Rosoff, the next book in stephanieburgis's Regency fantasy, a book by David Logan that's also been adapted into a TV drama with Eddie Izzard (how cool is that?) and a zombie novel by Kirsty McKay. T'was a very good haul.


I'm sure there's loads of other things I meant to mention, but I'll finish up with the following:

- If you're a Jane Austen fan then head over to kellyrfineman's LJ as she's doing a summary of Austen's books in handy entries, with pictures from relevant movie and TV adaptations and bonus material on the social mores of the time to give context to Austen's work. It's a really fascinating, entertaining read and well worth checking out whether you're an existing fan or someone who's always wondered what the fuss is.

- Series 2 of Psychoville is on Thursday nights, 10pm on BBC 2.

This is a comedy horror series written by Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith from the League of Gentleman and it's hilarious in a totally wrong way. The plot is too difficult to summarise (although if you tune into the new series, it should be easy enough to get into what's happening) but if you're into your horror and cult TV references it's a must see. I've linked to a scene from the last series below to give you a taste:


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May. 6th, 2011 11:27 pm (UTC)
Bin Laden: My personal theory is he's not dead. They just transplanted his brain into that of a panda, because... omg PANDA*! Actually, originally they wanted to put his brain into a mountain gorilla, but when someone pointed out, "Do you know how FUCKING strong those things are?" they all agreed that was a bad idea.

*Equally likely is they used a Koala.
May. 7th, 2011 06:01 am (UTC)
I had similar problems transferring between power suppliers, after one cocked up and asked me for £1300 for 3 months. It was almost 5 months until my next bill showed up and both parties blamed the other. It's amazing how inefficient they can be when they want.

And re. Bin Laden, sending 'patriotic' troops in after a man with $27 million bounty on his head is going to incline them to be trigger-happy, I fear. The more I hear (not armed, not hiding behind human shield, not resisting), the more uncomfortable I get. And the celebrations of another human's death just nauseate me. Yes, he was a bad guy, but he became so because the US basically shafted his country. They seem to do that a lot. US foreign policy = we do what we like, when we like. The fact they stormed a Pakastani suburb without notifying the authorities there smacks of "we need to be big damn heroes" rather than doing things by the book.

Argh. Stupid politics making me rantipants.
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