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Erm ... gosh the time has just flown by since my last post.

Last week I went to see a recording of THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH for Radio 4 with the divine carolanne5. For those who don't know, THE UNBELIEVABLE TRUTH is a comedy panel show hosted by David Mitchell where panellists read a short speech on a particular subject that's filled with lies but has a number of truths in it and the other panellists have to spot those truths. It's like WOULD I LIE TO YOU? but more scripted.

Anyway, carolanne5 and I got very lucky with the panellists: Charlie Brooker (squee!), Rhod Gilbert, Arthur Smith and Tony Hawks who were all on great form. Events started in a lively way with the news that Charlie Brooker had tried to poison Rhod Gilbert with ibuprofen and got better when the very drunk woman on the front row had a row with someone else and then just got up and decided to leave.

Last Tuesday was the latest in the British SCBWI's Professional Series, with Elizabeth Hawkins (a tutor at City Lit who taught award winning authors Malorie Blackman and Sophie McKenzie) talking about voice and viewpoint. It was interesting to hear her comments on some of the sampled pieces and her suggestions left plenty of food for thought.

Saturday was the monthly meeting of the T-Party, which I think was as useful as it usually is. Certainly there were a lot of interesting comments on the piece under discussion and people had passionate viewpoints on it. Afterwards I went for a writing session at the RFH and bumped into some SCBWI mates, with the result that I'm meeting up with them again this weekend.

And as if all that wasn't enough, tonight was the London chapter of the British SCBWI's monthly social event at the Royal Festival Hall, which was very well attended and included Steve Feasey as guest of honour.

So yes, all a bit of a social whirl and I managed to fit in a lot of writing as well. I will say that instigating a strict process of writing for at least 60 minutes each night is starting to pay off. I'm less likely to listen to my inner critic and I'm enjoying it all a lot more than I was. It's still going slowly, but I'm more productive.

In light of the awful events in Japan, a group of authors have got together to auction tonnes of good stuff off including free books, signed ARCs, the chance to have characters named after you so if you're interested then check out Authors For Japan here.


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Mar. 19th, 2011 03:46 pm (UTC)
Hurrah! When I listen to that episode of UT I shall be happy to think that you're in the audience somewhere. =) Also, much envy!!
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