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Driving angry

So the Random Generator has spoken and has selected a winner for the Signed Copies of 13 SECRETS and THE MEDUSA PROJECT: THE SET-UP.

cynthia_black wins signed copies of 13 SECRETS by Michelle Harrison and THE MEDUSA PROJECT: THE SET-UP by Sophie McKenzie and her preferred super power is teleportation

:throws confetti:

Gotta say, there was a lot of love for teleportation in that give away. Not so much love for smiting though ...

In other news, I've been busy, busy, busy with my rewrites, which are going slowly but still progressing. The thing that interests me about it is that although I outline my scenes, there are always surprises that come out in the writing. Most recently, my baddie has been revealing some funky motivational stuff, which is keeping me on my toes and drawing out more stuff with my male MC.

Went to see Drive Angry this afternoon with my friend, S. We are in complete agreement that it's the best bad Nick Cage movie we've seen in years. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if they made a series out of it or even just gave co-star William Fichtner his own spin off movie franchise as his scenes as The Accountant were easily my favourite. His description of Satan as "a quiet man, very well read" had me falling about laughing. Really. Go see it. I'll wait here.

:waits patiently: