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Twittering on

With apologies for the delay, the Random Generator has spoken and we have two winners for the Children's Fantasy ARC give-away.

ashfae wins MINISTRY OF PANDEMONIUM by Chris Westwood and her favourite sequel is Empire Strikes Back

:throws confetti:

And because ashfae very kindly said that she was willing for someone else to take TWILIGHT ROBBERY by Frances Hardinge as she hasn't read FLY BY NIGHT the Random Generator was called on again and this time selected:

shweta_narayan whose favourite sequel was A SCHOLAR OF MAGICS by Caroline Stevermer

:throws more confetti:

Many thanks to everyone who commented. This weekend I'm doing another YA give-away of 2 signed books:

- THIRTEEN SECRETS by Michelle Harrison, which is the conclusion to her faery trilogy that began with the award winning THIRTEEN TREASURES; and

- THE MEDUSA PROJECT: THE SET UP by Sophie McKenzie, which is the first in a series about 4 teenagers who discover they're the produce of a genetic research experiment that's left them with extraordinary powers.

So stay turned for that.

I've been trying to get into Twitter over the last few months because a number of my friends are enthusiastic fans. And I have to say that I'm not falling in love with it. I have managed to get into the 140 character limit (which given my tendency to verbosity is a miracle in itself) but I'm not on it long enough to get the benefit of the interactive element and because there don't seem to be notifications for comments/retweets, I tend to lose track. Maybe I need to potter around with it some more.

Right. Bed time.


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Feb. 9th, 2011 11:15 pm (UTC)
As you know, I'm probably on Twitter more than on here, mainly due to lack of time, and the ease of sending a tweet by text, which I can't do here. But yeah, I preferred it in the good ol' days when I got text notifications of replies to tweets or tweets from nominated people I follow - that now depends which phone network you have your mobile contract with - currently O2, Vodaphone and Orange can get notifications, but the rest of us can't :-/
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