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Greetings from sunny Orlando

This entry should actually be brought to you from freezing London but my flight home for Friday night got cancelled owing to the earlier snow at Gatwick.

Thankfully I had been keeping an eye on the Gatwick and BA websites, which meant that I knew about the cancellation before my travel agent, who was very surprised to get a call from me on Thursday asking to be put on the next available flight to London.*

Unfortunately, I couldn't be put on the Saturday flight as they were down to stand by only (which would have meant going down to the airport and waiting for several hours in the hope that someone doesn't show and then trying to find a hotel at the airport if I wasn't lucky) but they were able to put me on Sunday's flight so finger's crossed, I'll be home on Monday morning. (I've already alerted work that I'll be late in and they're cool about it).

The other plus side to being alert to possible cancellation was that I was able to quickly act to extend my stay at the hotel. In fact I did so just in time because there were only a couple of rooms left for Friday night but the staff were able to fix things so that I didn't have to change rooms.

:gives thanks to the Hard Rock Hotel staff for their kindness:

I've kept my receipts for the hotel and additional expenses for the last couple of days and will need to check out whether I can make any claim for reimbursement when I get back home. Don't know if I can or not, but figure it's worth a try.

So I've had a bonus 2 days in Orlando and having spent all of Friday riding theme park rides, I'm spending all of today writing next to the pool. It's a hard life, but someone has to do it. I might even go to the cinema tonight as there's a martial arts film called The Warrior's Way and from the trailer it seems to be about ninja cowboys. How awesome is that?!

* As an aside, it seems that BA never got around to telling my travel agent about the flight cancellation at all because when I called the travel agent back on Friday to confirm that I was booked on, their system was still showing the flight as going ahead. I had to tell them to go check the BA website direct to find out the true state of affairs.


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Dec. 5th, 2010 11:39 am (UTC)
Who are you flying with? I rather think you may be on the same flight back as my parents. In which case you may see me at Gatwick on Monday morning as I am parental chauffeur tomorrow.
Dec. 5th, 2010 11:50 am (UTC)
Ninja cowboys FTW!
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