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Trafalgar Square and traffic contra-flows

I'm currently rather excited because I think I've hit upon a legitimate reason to completely shut off Trafalgar Square to all traffic and pedestrians and cover it off with large barriers. This is rather important because a key scene in Teh Novel happens there. All I'll say is that I'd like to thank Google for enabling me to find out past justifications for the closure of Trafalgar Square and Thames Water for giving me the idea for the new one.

Writing has been going quite well for the last few days and I've been making good progress, which is excellent because classes start up again in just under a fortnight so I'll lose one evening a week. Have been doing my writing in the university library after work - mainly because I write more effectively when it's quiet. At least, the library is supposed to be quiet. Unfortunately there are a number of students who seem to think that "Silent study section - no talking" means "optional silent study section - talk in whispers and giggle whenever you feel like it". I seem to spend a lot of time asking people to keep the noise down.


Speaking of classes, I had to prepare a draft covering letter and synopsis for the first one. Horrible exercise. Hated it. And yet it proved to be useful because it's forced me to distill into a few paragraphs what my story is. I've always had a clear idea in my mind what the plot is (subject to some minor tweaking and twiddling about) but I've never been able to distill what the essence of the story is. But now I think I might be close to managing it, and that's progress.

I missed EasterCon this year and am regretting it because everyone's saying how brilliant it was.


As a result, I've convinced uC to come with me to FantasyCon and to EasterCon next year. Yay!

Right, I need to wash the dishes and go to bed.


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Apr. 17th, 2009 12:14 pm (UTC)
*waves* Do you fancy having a meet up with uc and I in the next couple of weeks? Seems ages since our last gathering ...
Apr. 19th, 2009 10:24 pm (UTC)
Yes! Definitely. I've got some preliminary meetings pencilled in for this week, but should be free the week after any day except Tuesday and Wednesday.
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