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All Hallow's Eve

Am highly amused to discover that today is Peter Jackson's birthday. It's utterly fitting that the director responsible for BRAINDEAD (and that Lord of the wotsits movie thing that seemed quite popular too) was born on Halloween.

Yesterday I made it to my first T Party meeting in months and it was a very useful afternoon. Afterwards, most of us went to a restaurant to celebrate gaiesebold's publishing deal and it was a really good laugh. It seems that Hit Girl was very much the costume of choice for London's ladies but it did my zombie loving heart good to see vast numbers of the bloodied, brain-nomming undead as well.

Sticking to the writing front, my MA mate Michael Grothaus has co-authored a book with Erica Sadun entitled TAKING YOUR iPOD TOUCH TO THE MAX which is available now in print or ebook form. It's a kind of guidebook to using it and then getting more from it so if that kind of thing is of interest, then check it out.

I also wanted to give a bit of a shout out for T-Party member K. D. Grace who is doing a reading from her erotic novel THE INITIATION OF MISS HOLLY at 6.30pm on 26th November at the Sh! Women's Erotic Emporium, Unit 4, 253 Portabello Road in London. Because it is an erotic novel and therefore a bit phwoar-wahay, it's not for under 18s and any men wishing to attend will need to be accompanied by a lady.

I'm on a bit of a health kick at the moment as I had a health check at work last week and it brought home a couple of truths that I wasn't willing to face up to. So I've foresworn fizzy drinks in their entirety in a bid to lose some weight, stopped buying processed foods, started buying more healthy foods (including chicken and fish so that I can cook it myself) and am increasing my water and fruit juice intake.

Needless to say, I hate it.

But I'm managing to stick with it so far, even though I've been tempted by all kinds of nommy sweet things.

In other news, Toby the dog's owner stopped me this morning. Apparently she'd heard the dog growling at me and didn't want me to think it was my fault as he does the same thing to the postman and newspaper delivery man as well. I've told her that it's not a problem (because it isn't really) and we figure that Toby will eventually stop if I just say hello to him through the door. So I've started doing that, which the other next door neighbour witnessed this afternoon and found very strange. Oh well.

Went to Tescos this afternoon for my weekly shop and faced a ridiculous situation when I got to the check out and found out that they were trying to ration shopping bags as they'd run out. Normally, I bring a couple of bags myself only today I didn't have enough and one extra bag wasn't really going to cut it. The check out girl's "solution" was for me to buy an everlasting bag as she said there was nothing else the store could do.

That kind of thing utterly infuriates me so I asked to speak to the manager and made it clear that I wasn't going anywhere until I did. To be fair, the manager came very quickly, was very apologetic and said they were hoping to get bags from other stores within the next hour, which I said didn't do me a huge amount of good. So he gave me a couple of everlasting bags for free (which, at my prompting, he then extended to the other people waiting in line - afterall, every little helps ...) and I got my shopping home.

Victory is mine.

My evening out today has been cancelled owing to S. contracting lurgy, but we're going out next weekend. Am spending my evening in writing inbetween laundry and ironing and generally hoping to chill out for the new week to start tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who advised on traveller's cheques. I'm going to avoid them and rely on plastic and cash instead.


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Nov. 1st, 2010 05:55 pm (UTC)
I'm a huge fan of calorie counting as a dieting method. It's really easy with the free apps you can get these days. The big plus for me is that you can get extra calories for the day if you put in walking or any activity.

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