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Ookapalooza is done for another year

I got back last night, despite the best attempts of Aer Lingus who delayed the flight for 90 minutes owing to something unexplained happening at Malaga.

Knock Airport is functional but nothing much to write home about although people thinking of travelling to Ireland's smaller airports should be wary of the standard EURO10 development 'fee' which they hit you with if you want to leave the country. This was a bit of a surprise to me as Aer Lingus hadn't mentioned it on the flight information when I booked (and there was nothing in my email confirmation either - although they do refer to further terms and conditions as being accessible on a web page, which I need to check out).

Picked up a number of books while I was away - 2 from fellow Ookers and 3 from a local bookstore in Clifden which had a v. impressive range of MG and YA fiction for such a small shop (in fact, I picked up large paperbacks for the latest 2 Skulduggery Pleasants by Derek Landy - including MORTAL COIL which only came out in hardback this week in the UK and CLOCKWORK ANGEL by Cassandra Clare - another book that's only out this week).

Writing went okay in the sense that I realised on Friday that the scene I'd spent a week sweating over actually wasn't needed and I can trash it. That might sound counter-productive to you guys, but for me it was a real eye opener - not least as I'd been spending weeks fretting about it. It's actually the only thing that you can realise when you've got the thinking time to concentrate on it - and that is, for me, the very real benefit of Ookapalooza - I can forget about all the other stuff going on and just think about the book. The outcome was that I made a lot of progress on another 2 scenes on the flight back (also thanks to the delay) and am about to head out to a local coffee store to do some more work on it.

The best thing about the week though is probably the fact that I drove for the first time in 2 years and while it was a bit nervy to get behind the wheel of a car (even a car as sucky as the Toyota Yaris), I loved the feeling of freedom that it gave me. When I buy my own place again, I'm definitely getting something with room for a car of my very own.

There was another sheep incident on the way home. I don't really want to talk about it except to say that Ireland's sheep are a cunning and malevolant flock that clearly enjoy toying with me. The fact that I am not as sharp as a sheep is causing real damage to my pride and self-regard.

:sad face:


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Sep. 5th, 2010 11:08 pm (UTC)
Wow, is it really 2 years since you ventured to Hull?! Time flies too fast these days...
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