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Ookapalooza - Day 5

So one thing that I meant to mention in my last Ookapalooza update but didn't was this: the fact that no one warned me about Ireland's kamikaze sheep.

It's like this - there you are, merrily chugging along in your sucky arse Toyota Yaris (yes, I am still bitter about it, no I don't care). You round one of the many hair-pin corners to find a small sheep standing in the middle of the road and are forced to apply the brakes. You squeal to a halt amid a stench of burning rubber.

You look at the sheep. The sheep looks at you.

You try the horn. The sheep baas its defiance. You try the horn again. The sheep looks at you as if to say "that didn't work the first time, it ain't gonna work now."

You put the car into reverse and decide that you will go around the sheep. The sheep decides to trot into your path, making this an impossibility.

You wonder what the penalty is in Ireland for running over an obstructive ovine. The sheep taps the road with one hoof as if saying "go ahead, punk. Make my day."

Annoyed that you are being challenged by a sheep, you figure that you'll inch forward with the intention of nudging the creature out of the way. The sheep, even when faced with a couple of tonnes of sucky arse car rolling towards it at a snail's pace, shows no inclination of moving. You stop, worried that you're going to hurt it.

The sheep gives a baaa that sounds suspiciously like a snigger. You realise that it is mocking you. You find yourself shouting at it that you ate one of its relatives last weekend with mint sauce and roast potatoes. Then you feel foolish for doing so and realise that you are sacrificing your dignity. Because of a sheep.

As you're trying to come up with a strategy for resolving the stand-off, a Mercedes comes zooming up behind you and in turn, screeches to a halt. The driver - a middle aged Irish man - asks you what the problem is.

You explain that the sheep is blocking your way. The man looks at you like you're a complete idiot.

'Is that all?' he says. 'Oy - you!' he says to the sheep, smashing his palm against the rather loud Mercedes car horn. 'Get out of the way you fecking stupid creature!' The sheep, sensing real menace behind the words, dutifully trots out of the way.

Red faced, you resume your journey all too aware that the sheep is watching you leave with what can only be described as a grin on its face.

So in conclusion - sheep are the hidden Irish menace. Cross them at your peril.

We watched Dead Snow last night, which is a Norwegian movie about zombie Nazis. It wasn't bad, but there were the normal plot hole issues that populate so many horror movies, together with such good-old stand-bys as the "Let's split up now that we know we're in a dangerous situation" and "first couple to have sex gets nom-nommed". There was also a bit involving entrails that got an unintended guffaw out of me.

In other news, I've seen a lot on my Flist about the re-posting to Facebook and Twitter function and I'm not quite sure what the fuss is about. It seems to me that LJ will only do it if you change your settings accordingly so if you check your settings then you should be alright.

Meh. All my posts here are public anyway so I'm not really bothered about people reposting my content to other sites - provided that I get the appropriate credit for it.


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Sep. 1st, 2010 07:59 pm (UTC)
The fuss is that if a friend does crossposting, and crossposts a comment made on a filtered/locked entry, info from that entry will show up in the other area even though it was filtered/locked and thus become public. Not so good privacywise. Though theoretically one's friends will not be so foolish.

Edited at 2010-09-01 07:59 pm (UTC)
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