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It's been another one of those weeks where I've spent most of my time rushing around trying to get myself organised and most of this was Ookapalooza-related.

Many thanks to all who voted in my printer poll and who took the trouble to comment. I went with the consensus of buying a Canon SELPHY CP760, only to find when I came to place my order that the supplier offering the best price was out of stock and the supplier offering the next best price was a bit vague on when delivery could take place. So I did some more research on the web and came up with a supplier able to send out the Canon PIXMA iP100 at a much more reasonable price and it arrived on Thursday. So one of the things I need to do this weekend is get it set up on my Netbook.

My European Insurance Health Card also arrived this week, which is good. I need to get travel insurance sorted out this week but have done my homework and have decided on an annual policy that seems to offer the best deal for a reasonable price.

Probably the weirdest thing to happen to me was podiatry related as I finally started treatment for my rather unpleasant foot complaint on Thursday and am now the proud owner of 3 false toe nails.

I would never previously thought it possible to be proud of toe nails but now that I have some again, I am.


Yesterday I managed to inadvertently walk into a book signing by Gary Lineker (former England football captain, current TV football presenter/pundit and start of a series of adverts for Walkers crisps). The Watestones in Uxbridge had a display of picture books in one of its windows and I wanted to check out I Really Want To Eat A Child by Syvliane Donnio and Dorothee de Monfried so I'd popped in to see if the Waterstones near my office had a copy. They did (and it is awesome) and I was wandering around the store chuckling over it when I spotted the grey-haired semi-national treasure signing copies of his new book at a table. I didn't buy one. Not my thing.

Right. Printer. Writing. Editing. In that order.


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Aug. 22nd, 2010 09:55 pm (UTC)
> I Really Want To Eat A Child

I saw that and liked the look of it. May get it for C when she is older.

In the meantime, 'Pants' is bloody brilliant.
Aug. 22nd, 2010 10:06 pm (UTC)
The illustrations in I Really Want To Eat A Child just had me falling about laughing. Achilles is one stompy little crocodile.
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