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although I currently live in a town.

Today's supposed to be the hottest day of the year - a skin scorching 30 degrees centigrade.

:pauses to allow Texan, Arizona and Australasian Flistmates to fall about laughing:

:gives them more time to recover:

:gets a bit testy about teh mockery:

I have previously mentioned that I hate the heat, but it bears repeating and will be repeated in a constant droning moan until late September.

I hate the heat.

The Tube is particular hell at the moment. Imagine being stuck in an Vogon's armpit for almost 90 minutes and you have some idea of the nightmare I enter each day.

Work's up and down at the moment. Some things have gone silent while we wait for the Public Spending Review this autumn so we can find out if the money's actually going to be there, others have gone into overdrive to beat the Public Spending Review so we can get out mitts on the money before it's taken away. I also had my appraisal this week which went pretty well - at least there were no surprises (unlike an appraisal I had at a previous employer 3 years ago where a whole heap of petty, narrow-minded crap was dropped on me with the sole intention of trying to justify giving me a low mark and without consideration for the fact that 90% of it was not my fault. Wankers).

Doctor Who finished yesterday and I remain in the small minority who were not impressed and am rather glad it's over.

I did like:

- Eleven - I think Smith's made the part his own, despite some ridiculously thin scripts;

- River Song - spin off series please, preferably with cameos from Captain Jack and Sarah-Jane;

- new TARDIS - I like the steampink vibe;

- rare one liners - there have been some smashing one liners throughout the series that have made me laugh out loud, although they do serve to highlight (for me) the weakness in the rest of the script;

- good guest stars - the guest stars this season have been awesome, with the exception of James Corden who is only capable of being James Corden;

- series arcs and multi-series arcs - I like the idea of continuing the notion of continuing the series arc route although the execution this time around was a bit obvious. I am cautiously optimistic about having multi-series arcs because at least it recognises that it's a show that's watched by people with brains.

I did not like:

- Amy and Rory - sorry, I know that most of my Flist loves them but they leave me cold. Partly it's because I can't stand them as a couple (which is due to poor writing and a lack of chemistry between the actors) but partly it's just down to the performances, which don't work for me. While Amy's not had too many big moments in the series, where she has had big moments, she hasn't sold them to me and ditto Rory;

- Daleks - please, please, please for the love of God can we go one fricking series without the fricking Daleks making a fricking appearance? The whole i-Dalek reboot has done nothing for me either - they now look like evil mutant Smarties;

- Cyerbmen - as above;

- Scripts - most the scripts this season had more plot and logic holes than a collander with extra holes in it and were based on the idea that an interesting premise was all that was needed, together with some deux ex machina to wrap it up. No. I expected more from you Mr Moffat - you're better than that;

- everyone fancies the Doctor - Donna and Mickey proved that it's possible and interesting to have companions who don't want to get the Doctor's knickers off and shag him senseless. I am bored senseless by the notion of having female companions who want to snog him - it's been done to death, it's demeaning to the women and it's frankly shit;

- race fail - Meera Syal was the only non-white character to make it through an episode. I know she's awesome, I do love her and while she's stuck in a cryo-chamber for 1000 years so she can be with an old white bloke, it's not enough for the random black people murdering that's been going on in the other episodes.

In other news, three cheers for Seacroft Hospital in Leeds who made a pair of legs for free for a Paralympian who had his car, legs and wheelchair nicked by scum. It restores my faith in the NHS.

Congrats to Ghana and Uruguay who've gone through to the Quarter Finals of the World Cup. Commiserations to South Korea and the USA.

England play Germany today and it's a shame to see the UK press resort to the usual jingoistic crap they usually bring out when we're playing the Germans. Honestly, World War II was 70 years ago. Get over it, you ninnies.

Finlly, I'm going to do another ARC give-away - a trio of YA/MG horror books. Rules and terms to be set out in the relevant post.


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Jun. 27th, 2010 03:17 pm (UTC)
Can we swap? :P It's getting down to -0.6 at night at present, and 17/18 DegC during the day. And the lack of rain (in winter) combined with very cold temperatures is getting very old, very fast.
Jun. 28th, 2010 12:23 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 28th, 2010 12:24 pm (UTC)
Oh don't get me started. Any report of utter shitknobs targeting the sick and disabled makes my blood boil. In the unlikely event that the police catch them, I'd like to see the stocks brought back so we can hurl stuff at them.
Jun. 27th, 2010 08:55 pm (UTC)
I am so glad England lost today because the same crap won't then get repeated with Argentina. I have found myself shout at the radio when they let idiots on like Stan Boardman saying that's all a bit of fun.
Jun. 28th, 2010 12:26 pm (UTC)
Stan Boardman wasn't funny even in the days when he was supposed to be funny. For God's sake, the man couldn't even pronounce his own (deeply unfunny) joke about Fokkers.

And Argentina and Germany are playing good football. They each deserve to be in the quarters and it should be a great game to watch.
Jun. 28th, 2010 09:22 pm (UTC)
When I was listening to the show, I couldn't tell whether I was overeacting because I had a whole line of people doing borderline racist 'jokes' at work and I think that was it. Why would you tell your kid that they couldn't support Germany or Argentina because he thought they had the best players?

I am kind of looking forward to the Argentina v Germany game. It should be good.
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