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Went the week well?

No. No it didn't go well. In fact, I'm glad it's over.

The only good spot of this past week was during the commute into work on Wednesday, when I overheard a group of 13 or 14 year old school girls having a conversation about a boy that was almost word for word the same as something that one of my characters says in KYBS (and which I'd wibbled over as being possibly too extreme). Ah, sweet sweet vindication ...

:breathes deeply:

Otherwise work's been rubbish - so much so that I've had no social life at all.

Then to cap it off, I phoned up a developer's show room today to see if it was possible to come and take a look at some properties in a large build they've got going on in Ruislip, only to get there and find that the very last house had sold 5 minutes before I got there. So annoyed - not least because when I asked the sales woman about plot availability, she told me there were quite a few left. So unless today saw a sudden pick-up in the Ruislip housing market, I was lied to.

Still, at least I can now definitely cross Ruislip off my list of places I want to live. The place had a mobility scooter shop front and centre on the high street, no cinema and no big supermarket.

Ugh. I'd forgotten how much I hate house buying.


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Jun. 12th, 2010 06:25 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I was going to say -- Ruislip???
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