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*cough cough* *wheeze* Brainnsssss ...

I have lurgy. Therefore my Bank Holiday weekend officially sucks.

I figured I might have been coming down with something when I got home from uC's and mR's on Friday night because I know something's off when I can't manage an entire small pizza on a Friday after work and lo, I woke up yesterday with my body telling that there was something wrong.

Despite this, I managed to kick start the property hunt as I have officially declared Summer 2010 to be "The Summer When I Get Back In The Housing Market" (there'll be posters and a nationwide television advertising campaign - check local press for details). Went to check out a property in Target Area that was in Target Price Range. Property itself was v. nice and had recently been refurbed so the kitchen and bathrooms were in good condition plus it had its period details, which is always a bonus.

Unfortunately the estate agents had been somewhat generous with their assessment of the dimensions for the two reception rooms and it was obvious from the moment I went in there that my furniture would not fit. Well, it would if I hacked at it with a chainsaw. But I figure that if you have to hack up your furniture with a chainsaw to get it into a room, then you're only saving up trouble for later on.

Afterwards I had a bit of a wander around the area, so I have more of an idea of what other properties are like and local amenities (so many libraries - it did warm my cynical and lurgified heart). My requirements for the geographical location of Schloss Hooton are simple:

- there must be good transport access into work;

- there must be a local cinema;

- there must be local libraries;

- there must be a local bookstore;

- there must be good local medical and dentistry services; and

- there must be a big supermarket within walking distance.

Yes. Those are in order of importance.

Anywho, now I know what's out there, I can renew my search with extra vim and vigour.

At least, I will once I get rid of the angry zombie rhino that's currently taken up residence in my chest and brought a load of zombie toads with it for company.

Because it's a Sunday, I should probably say something about last night's Doctor Who. But you know, I really can't be bothered. There was an article in The Guardian a couple of weeks ago - Doctor Who: is Steven Moffat's Who living up to expectations? and I'm in the "not feeling it" camp.

I don't doubt that I'll probably like at least one more episode in the series, but the annoyances, irritations and plain shititude of some of the preceding episodes means the show just isn't required viewing for me any more.

:wipes away nostalgic tear:

In other news, I am going to give-away a signed copy of Jon Mayhew's excellent dark historical fantasy MORTLOCK in a forthcoming post. It's a really good book about two orphans and dark secrets and there are zombies. What's not to love?

Before I do though, I need to get some cough medicine ...


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May. 30th, 2010 02:08 pm (UTC)
Have you ever actually found a cough medicine which works? sadly I have not. ONly thing that stops me coughing is corticostroids. If it is teh kurg I ahd (currently floating around London) - Good luck. It took 2 lots of antibiotics and the aforementioned steroids to shift it. Oh and a late night trip to A&E. The doctor was good looking though.
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