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That was the week that was

It has not been a great week as I've spent most of it feeling v. depressed about my writing and the world in general in a vaguely pathetic emo way but without the self-harm.*

Fortunately I've now got a few days off to get my head together again and force myself out into the breach once more in terms of trying to kill off the latest chapter and make progress on the one after that.

Anyway, such has been the discouragement with my writing that I decided to spend my evenings concentrating on reading through those pieces I'll be critting for the Writers' Workshop I'm participating in along with other members of the T Party Writers Group and uber-SF God Alastair Reynolds for Odyssey2010. I've gone through one and a half out of 4 so far and it's been good because the stories have been interesting and doing the crits makes me feel as though I'm giving something back for a change.

Wendesday evening I went to a Q&A session at City University with the award winning author Sadie Jones, whose latest novel, Small Wars has just been longlisted for the 2010 Orange Prize.

I must confess that I wasn't familiar with Sadie's work before the lecture because it's not the type of fiction that I would automatically go to read. However the benefit of going to these sessions isn't so much in hearing the author talk about books you know so much as hearing about their process in creating their work and Sadie, who started out as a script writer and playwright, had a lot of interesting things to say about it. In particular, it was interesting to hear how much time she spends in outlining before she begins writing, which seems to be something that comes from her script writing background.

Anyway, she came across as a really cool person and it's made me want to go and check out both of her books.

I was going to go to the SCBWI Social Event on Thursday at the Royal Festival Hall but the strains of the week took their toll and I ended up crashing mR and uC's evening for Chinese food and Russell Howard, whose got a new series of Good News on BBC3 and it is still hilarious.

Because it's pretty clear that the general election is going to be called next week, we've had people knocking on our door canvassing for the different parties. Well, by "people" I mean "representatives of the Liberal Democrats" who've been around twice now. No Tories or Labour so far and if anyone from the Labour Party does come around, they are going to get it from both barrells from me. 2010 is getting more and more like a return to the 1970s what with the bloody unions reverting to their bully boy tactics and Labour raiding the pensions of anyone who's dared to work hard and try to make something of themselves.


Speaking of time warps, the last series of Ashes to Ashes starts on Good Friday and Doctor Who starts next Saturday, so my spring time televisual watching schedule is beginning to take shape nicely.

I've now received my programme and information for Federation of Children's Book Groups 2010 Conference, which I'm really looking forward to. They've got a great line up including Anthony Horowitz, Sarah Singleton and Marcus Sedgewick, so it should be a v. cool weekend.

* Unless you count stripping your cuticles self-harm.


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Mar. 27th, 2010 02:27 pm (UTC)
Do look for me at Odyssey. You know my real name but I don't know yours, so it's up to you. Would be grand to meet you in person.
Mar. 28th, 2010 03:16 pm (UTC)
My name's Caroline Hooton (and I so want to finish that with "you killed my father. Prepare to die").

Yes - it would be excellent to meet up. Is there anywhere in particular you're likely to be or should I just keep my eyes peeled?
Mar. 29th, 2010 01:13 pm (UTC)
We (my friend from Berlin and I) are arriving Thurs evening and will be at the buffet. Beyond that, I have no fixed plans. We're staying through Monday night and heading out to Stonehenge Tuesday morning, then on to Wales for a few days. I look pretty much like my photo here, but my hair's longer now (not long, just longer). If nothing else, there should be a bulletin board where we can leave messages.

BTW, I noticed your name in the title bar after I clicked 'Post'. Don't know how I missed that before. (blushing)
(Deleted comment)
Mar. 28th, 2010 03:17 pm (UTC)
Yes - I love the little happy stories at the end too. Although the post-credit Cheryl Cole thing with Rufus Hound did replace my warm fuzzy glow with unabashed horror.

I also like the fact that they've dropped the guess the guest sequence because he looked so utterly uncomfortable with it.
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