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It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad social life

My social life is basically split between feast and famine.

Feast = going out and having fun, getting invitations to events and meeting up with mates.

Famine = staring at my laptop screen, a printout of the WIP on KYBS or the television and having the same social sensitivities as an agoraphobic hermit.

It just so happens that almost all of my March social events have lined up in the week just gone, thus making for a feat of epic proportions.

Technically, this probably can't be called a "social event" because once again, I was the loneliest simian in the Royal Festival Hall, but I did make a lot of progress on Son of the Chapter of Doom and am two thirds of the way through completing it.

My MA classmate Mike is off overseas for a few months so we used the ocassion to get together and toast his send-off. I got really lucky with my MA because the City University Creative Writing (Novels) class of 2009 are a lovely bunch of people.

We were supposed to go to the Princess Louise but there wasn't enough seating so we ended up in The Ship instead. Not that this stopped half the class from going to the Princess Louise anyway because they apparently don't check their text messages, voicemail or email ...


Anyway, I've got my fingers crossed for one of my classmates as she might be getting the nod from an agent in the next couple of weeks, and I've also got my toes crossed for another classmate who's currently got their book out on submission to publishers.

The graduation date for my MA is 18th May, so have put it in the diary and circled it in red.

My employer held a charity quiz in support of the Haiti Quiz, which saw a whopping £8,000 being raised for the appeal.

The quiz itself was bloody hard - particularly the James Bond round because it turns out that no matter how many times ITV puts those movies on over Christmas and Easter, they just don't stick in your head.

In excellent news, the team that I was in - Arthur Fowler's Christmas Club - was triumphant on the night and we all got a bottle of Moet for our efforts. This was despite the fact that during the movie picture round, I became the first person in history to ever confuse The Accused with My Cousin Vinny. Yeah. Probably best not to talk about that ...

Anyway it was a great night, with a great chunk of cash winging its way to people who need it.

Alan Durant did a talk on School Visits, which was well attended and v. intersting - not just in the practical tips but also in some of his anecdotes.

Unfortunately I had to dash off right at the end of the talk because I had a train to catch so I didn't really get to say hello to anyone. That's the pain in the bum about living with my mum and dad at the moment - you're a slave to the whims of the train timetable.

If you're interested in coming along to any of the SCBWI Professional Series, then check out this link, which will give you the rest of this year's programme. Next up is Sophie McKenzie on 20th May, which I am looking forward to.

A quiet night in with Chinese food and good company was the perfect end to the week. Even if I was almost catatonic after 2 beeers ...

Next week I go into famine as I have nothing on. But this is a good thing as though the last week has been a blast, I am absolutely knackered.

In fact, I was supposed to be going to a T-Party meeting this afternoon but have forgoed it because I need to get what I've done on KYBS out to my agent. I'm feeling pretty good about all of the stuff that I've done on the manuscript (even though I've still got a few chapters left to re-write), but there's always that "eek - what if she doesn't like it?" feeling, which is why I'm taking a quick run through again today before sending it out.

I've promised myself 2 things when I finish KYBS:

1. a subscription to The Bookseller; and

2. a PS3 so that I can play Hard Rain. That game looks awesome and is right up my alley.

On the subject of writing, I'm helping to do the critiques in the Writers Workshop at Odyssey2010 this Easter with Julia Knight and Sara Townsend and the first stories have already arrived, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into them as they all look v. interesting.

In other news, the fair is in town for the weekend. I don't want to get into a big thing about travellers and travelling fairs but there is a definite correlation between the fair being in town and a rise in the number of door-to-door callers wanting to sell odd-job work and driveway replacement.

Speaking personally, I don't like door-to-door callers no matter what the organisation, business or cause because they all have the knack of calling just as I'm struggling to deal with something important. I particularly don't like it when they open with the phrase "I don't want to disturb you" because the whole point of ringing my doorbell in the first place is to disturb me enough to come to the front door.

The following is a summary of the conversation that took place between myself and one such door-to-door caller earlier today:

Door-to-Door Caller: [clutching a wadge of flyers] "Hello, I don't want to disturb you -"

Me: "So don't." [closes door]

Door-to-Door Caller: [muffled] "Oh."

And on that grumpy note, I shall be returning to the writing table.


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Mar. 14th, 2010 02:16 am (UTC)
Awesome as the group sounds, calling it "T-party" might evoke some unpleasant associations for your former subjects in this and the several immediately western time zones, due to the Sarah Palinesque co-opting of that term in the past year or so.
Mar. 14th, 2010 02:57 pm (UTC)
I keep hoping that Palin is actually a satire on the American people and that someday soon, someone will pop up and reveal that she's just been one big practical joke and doesn't really exist.
Mar. 14th, 2010 02:57 pm (UTC)
I also think that if the Pankhursts had known what women's suffrage could one day give rise to, they'd have put their pinnys back on and gone back into the kitchen.
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